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Unlock the full potential of AI to monitor all online job offers in one place and match them with your candidate pool automatically. 

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The Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ helps your team members to focus on what they do the best

Take care of people

Offer a recruitment experience

Develop business relationships

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Company Monitoring

Identify quickly the current job offers of companies and predict their future needs.

Position Monitoring

Find any companies that is looking for a specific position in your market.

Candidate Matching

Find the best candidates for a job position.

Generate leads

Company monitoring
  • Monitor an unlimited number of companies
  • Gather all their open positions in one place
  • Predict their future employee needs (monthly or quarterly)
Position monitoring
  • Monitor an unlimited number of positions
  • On national market or local market
  • Identify new customers

Match automatically

The Self-Machine-Learning Platform™ provides you a shortlist of matching candidates for any position to identify the best candidates.


  • Upload and handle an unlimited numbers of CV’s
  • Match your candidates with current and future positions
  • Save time and ressources

AI will not replace you. A person using AI will.

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